Step 3 – Success

Success can be proven with evidence of greater member loyalty to the club, a higher level of participation in club activities and the game of golf

Quantify and track success of programming

CTU Advisors analyzes member habits, monitors member involvement, program design, member services, and amenities to ensure membership engagement, loyalty and a thriving club environment.

Predictability for budgeting and planning

CTU Advisors provides monthly monitoring to quantify and track each member’s engagement. Drilling down to the individual member level and comparing how they use the club today to how they used the club in the past often uncovers valuable information that points to opportunities for reengagement.

Following our MAAP is the most efficient way to identify opportunities to increase your member’s usage and loyalty
An additional objective is to cut the amount of time managers currently devote to creating reports. The CTU Team understands the important role data plays in communication and education. CTU provides the data and analysis that will answer the questions asked by members, committees and boards saving valuable time for management and staff.

Current members are your best recruiters

A thriving club environment energizes current members who will then become your best recruiters.
Energized members equate to increased club usage, increased revenues and increased retention rate.

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