Step 2 – Planning

CTU Advisors provides a revolutionary tool for Club Managers to be proactive in growing member usage and loyalty to their club.

The Goal is to expand the Club’s Core Membership

CTU Advisors gives you real time data that detects changes in a member’s usage so that the root cause can be identified and adjustments can be made. Club planning, budgeting and implementing become more strategic.

The Member Retention Plan is Essential

CTU Advisors, LLC will provide a Member Retention Plan that includes strategies for reengaging “at-risk” members and increased member usage.

It is not just about retention. Increased activity equals increased income
CTU will provide the insight you need to be proactive instead of reactive in keeping the club important in the member’s lives.

Clubs are provided real-time data that will assist the PGA Professional in applying methods to take advantage of the number one amenity a club has – the golf course. Growing the game within your club community is a great way to increase member activity and revenue.

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