Keep Your Eye on Playing Patterns

Keep Your Eye on Playing Patterns

Creating new golfers has been a continued focus for the PGA of America and its’ members.  The cover story in December’s issue of PGA Magazine by Don Jozwiak, Senior Editor, takes a step back and examines the importance of player development efforts that keep committed golfers engaged in the game.   Mr. Jozwiak’s articleiStock_000003476869Large is a collection of 18 “best practices” shared by PGA Professionals from across the country on how they cater to the core players in order to keep them engaged.  I agree with the author’s assessment that a clear message from the contributions is simple…. “the key is getting to know your committed golfers and learning what it is that stimulates their desire to play more golf.”

I was honored to be among those asked to contribute to this article.   I would encourage all Private Club Managers and PGA Professionals to follow the link and read the full article. There is a great amount of valuable information throughout.  Here is my contribution as printed on page 86:

#6 – Engagement

PGA Magazine - December 2015

Click on the image to read the complete article. “COMMITTED GOLFERS – ENGAGING WITH YOUR MOST COMMITTED PLAYERS TO STRENGTHEN THEIR INTEREST IN THE GAME IS CRITICAL” By Don Jozwiak, Senior Editor, begins on page 78.

Keep Your Eye on Playing Patterns
I’ve been in the golf business since 1980, including 16 years as a general manager. What I discovered was that it was easy to get a perception of my core golfers that never changed over time. But people change over time, and so do their circumstances. That member who used to play five days a week with 10 of his buddies might only be playing twice a week, and his group might be down to a foursome. As busy as we are as PGA Professionals, these are the patterns we can miss as they develop. I developed a computer program that consolidates reports from POS and tee time reservation systems to help PGA Professionals see these patterns more easily. Once you know someone’s playing less, you can reach out to them with an offer to play a round together and start the conversation about their changing habits – maybe they’ve been injured or haven’t been playing well, and you can help them rediscover what they love about the game. Be on the lookout for these patterns, and then engage your core players to keep them in this game we love.  

—Tom Coburn, PGA, President/CEO, CTU Advisors LLC, Salem, Oregon



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