Step 1 – Discovery

Club culture has changed.  Golfing culture has changed. More than ever before you must know who your customer is, what your customer wants, and how your customer uses the services you provide.

Discover the Characteristics and Segments of the Membership

CTU’s exclusive Member Activity Analysis Program (MAAP) is a club’s road map to member retention and new member interest.  MAAP segments members into strategic membership groups:

The members are the greatest asset for any club; CTU will assist your club to retain those assets
  • engaged members – consistent use of club/very loyal
  • active members – active and loyal members with some increased usage potential
  • moderate members – moderate use of facilities but would use club more frequently given the opportunity through targeted programming
  • casual members – occasional activity but club is not an important part of their lives
  • fading/inactive members – contemplating resignation

Detect and evaluate important information about core members, new members and at risk members and learn how to leverage that information for a more active and profitable operation.

Discover opportunities to expand the “Core” and Increase Revenue

CTU Advisors, LLC provides an innovative method for measuring club member engagement.  CTU’s MAAP is a powerful process to help Club Management understand their typical member and how they use their club.  MAAP provides an early predictor of members who are likely to resign, giving managers the opportunity to be proactive in retaining members.

Better understand your typical member and identify areas where you can increase the value of their membership dues. CTU’s MAAP creates clarity for you and your staff as you work to improve membership retention and create new membership opportunities.

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